The Practice of Life Planning
"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs." - Vaclav Havel
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Master Your Life

Master: (verb) a: To become skilled or proficient in the use of...
                    b: To gain a thorough understanding of... (Merriam-Webster)

The mastery of anything as complex as a human life is a path—a pursuit that never ends. Each time you reach a new level of effectiveness in managing your life, you are able to see the next level. The life-planning process offers a powerful set of tools to help you pursue the mastery of your life experience. How far you go is up to you.

Level 1—Complete The Life-Planning Workbook and make the process a practice in your daily life

The Life-Planning Workbook is a collection of tools to help you get control of your life and take it in directions of your choosing. Like most self-help tools, the process only works if you work at it. Knowing about it is simply not enough—you must apply it—and to get the most benefit you need to make a habit of using it—in other words, make it a practice.

Making the life-planning process a practice is the first step towards mastering your life. It's like giving yourself a priceless gift which only you can give to yourself. As you become more and more skilled at using the tools, you will find yourself living mindfully—making daily choices that are consistent with your core values and experiencing life at a deeper and deeper level.

Read more about the life-planning process to see if this is the right path for you.

Level 2—Sharing the life-planning process with others can move you further along the path of mastery.

There's a natural human tendency to want to share with others when we discover something that works. This is a good thing because every time you tell someone what life planning means to you, you increase your mastery of the process. A good way to be deliberate in this process is to become a Life-Planning Associate.

What it means to be an Associate:

Level 3—Increase your mastery of the life-planning process by facilitating workshops.

It's a well-established principle that teaching any subject matter tends to deepen your own mastery of that subject. Certainly this is true of facilitating life-planning workshops. Every time you run a workshop you gain additional perspective on how the tools work and you are enriched by the sharing that takes place. Every group is different because each individual comes into the workshop with a unique life history and each views the world from a unique perspective.

A few people can gain maximum benefit by working alone to complete The Life-Planning Workbook, but most people will gain more by participating in a workshop where they benefit from the perspectives and support offered by a facilitator and others on the same path. We don't call it a workbook for nothing. It takes a lot of commitment and discipline to complete it alone.

You don't need extensive training to facilitate a Life-Planning Workshop. We intentionally designed the workbook for use in workshops so that everything you need is contained in the workbook. If you are an experienced teacher or trainer, you can probably run a good workshop right now without any additional help from us.

If you are not an experienced teacher/trainer and would like to receive One-on-One Facilitator Training with James Vaughan, co-author of The Life-Planning Workbook, via telephone (4 to 8 hours). Call 858-444-0792 for more information and to schedule this training.

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