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Podcast Interviews

Podcast for Imago Think Tank - December 1, 2010
Help for Therapists

Podcast for Imago Think Tank - March 2, 2011
Preventing Affairs

Podcast for Imago Think Tank - April 27, 2011
Online/Emotional Affairs

Radio Blog - November 8, 2011
Monogamy: Are we kidding ourselves?

Podcast for - June 8, 2009
Surviving an Affair

Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

Wall Street Journal - May 1, 2011
Back to Happily Ever After

Wall Street Journal - February 8, 2011
Do You Have a 'Work Spouse'?

Washington Post online - November 17, 2010
Q&A online "live chat" session - February 4, 2010
Silent no more, wives go public about their husbands' affairs

Woman's - December 23, 2009
Are You Emotionally Cheating? - December 21, 2009
Did Elin Woods "Look The Other Way"?

Redbook Magazine, December 2009
Could Your Marriage Survive An Affair?

New York Times - June 26, 2009
Marriage Stands Up for Itself

Wall Street Journal - November 12, 2008
Advances in Couples Therapy Tackle Trauma of Infidelity

Washington Times - August 31, 2008
Honesty best way to prevent affairs

Washington Times - August 24, 2008
Marriages can survive affairs

USA Today - July 1, 2008
Infidelity today has a new face
Modern world blurs rules about what's acceptable

USA Today - July 1, 2008
'Happy enough' couples fall prey to infidelity, too
Boredom, absence of passion could be to blame

Newhouse News Service - May 9, 2008
The Psychology Behind The Secret Life

Palm Beach Post - March 21, 2008
The Unfaithful
They don't confess unless they're in a mess

Contra Costa Times - March 19, 2008
Why stay with a cheating spouse?

Newhouse News Service - March 18, 2008
Marriages often do survive infidelity, counselors say

USA Today - March 12, 2008
Path to scandal: Why does this keep happening?
Experts call it hubris, thrill, entitlement

Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune - January 25, 2008
Relationships: Got the third-wheel workplace blues?
People having office affairs often exist for months, or years, in their own happy bubble. The same cannot be said for their co-workers, forced to either endure the awkwardness, confront it -- or quit.

USA Today - April 20, 2007
Infidelity is in the air for road warriors
Being away from home tempts some to cheat

San Francisco Chronicle - December 17, 2006
Article warning of this 'workplace affair on steroids'

Cosmopolitan Magazine - June, 2006
Media Advice about "Telling"
(I was NOT interviewed for this one, but am commenting on it.)

New Haven Register - April 12, 2006
Infidelity changes with technology
Article about the dangers of "Online Affairs"

Psychology Today - March/April 2006
Love but Don't Touch
Article about "Emotional Affairs"

NEWSWEEK Magazine - February 20, 2006
Marriage: Act II
Article about how 'Boomer' marriages survive crises--including affairs
(Note: includes references to BAN - Beyond Affairs Network)

Toledo Blade Newspaper - January 8, 2006
Flirting, chatting, and cheating online
The Internet is fertile ground for affairs

Marie Claire - December 2005
The Dangerous New Infidelity you Need to Know About: Head Sex
Article on the issue of "Emotional Affairs"

Columbia News Service - December 12, 2005
Couples face a growing threat: emotional infidelity
Article on the dangers of emotional affairs

Netscape's "What's New" box - July 14, 2005
(from Knight Ridder)
Do This Now.  Prevent Adultery Later
(An article about preventing affairs—and showing that marriages can survive affairs.)

The New York Times Long Island Journal - December 5, 2004
High Infidelity
(An article about the increase in "women having affairs.")

NEWSWEEK Cover Story - July 12, 2004
The Secret Lives of Wives
Why they stray: With the work place and the Internet, overscheduled lives and inattentive husbands—it's no wonder more American women are looking for comfort in the arms of another man

USA Today - February 26, 2004
The State of our Unions
Divorce and adultery are common; still, nearly all Americans at least try marriage

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - November 12, 2003
Surviving Infidelity
Beyond Affairs Network provides 'a safe haven' for spouses
whose mates have been unfaithful.

Ladies Home Journal Online - - September 3, 2003
Emotional Affairs

The Press-Enterprise - August 8, 2003
Bryant case shines light on shadow of infidelity
Adultery is what it always has been -- widely condemned and widely committed.

USA Today - June 10, 2003
She stayed with a president who strayed
Now it can be told: How to 'realign' a broken relationship

USA Today - January 9, 2003
Infidelity reaches beyond having sex:
Emotional intimacy, virtual affairs take hold in workplace

USA Today - October 2, 2002
Add to the list of affairs to remember:
"Inquiring minds want to know why powerful men risk it all"

USA Today - September 3, 2002
How can you mend a broken vow? (featuring Peggy's Survey on Affairs)

REDBOOK Magazine - June 2000
Will he cheat? Will you? a surprising new study

Concerning Couples (Newsletter of the British Columbia Council for Families):
Variety Isn't Always the Spice of Life

USA Today - November 16, 1999
The Internet aims at the heart

USA Today - November 16, 1999
A Web guide for the talking wounded

Chicago Tribune - August 8, 1999
Immunized against infidelity

USA Today - July 6, 1999
Spouses browse infidelity on line

USA Today - July 6, 1999
Fidelity Begins at Home

Washington Post - March 30, 1999
When the Affair Ends, the Self-Examination Begins

Washington Post - March 30, 1999
The Emotional Cost of Infidelity

USA Today - December 21, 1998
Affairs rare despite rumored popularity

Newsday Inc. - 1998
Talking Honestly With Your Children

Wilmington News Journal - September 29, 1998
Marriage broken? Learn how to fix it

Toronto Sun - September 27, 1998
Shattered Vows: Healing the heartache

Washington Post - August 21, 1998
Cheated out of Childhood

Gannett News Service - August 19, 1998
Relationships can survive--even thrive--despite adultery

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