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At Peggy's death in Nov., 2012, her chosen successor, Anne Bercht, took over coordination and management of BAN. Anne now directs BAN through her website—where you will find more current information, including a List of Cities with Local BAN Coordinators: BeyondAffairsNetwork.

(The material below was developed and maintained by Peggy until her death in 2012.)

BAN is a network of local support groups for men and women who are dealing with the devastating impact of a spouse's affair. I founded BAN in 1980 after "going public" with my own story, and the History of BAN shows how it has evolved through the years.

To read more about BAN, read The Need for BAN
For more perspective on how BAN operates, read the BAN Guidelines.

To get a sense of the significance of being part of Beyond Affairs Network...
Watch these 5 wonderful short videos, made by a Local BAN Coordinator.

(You will need Quicktime Player, which you can downloaded free from Quicktime's website.)
What is BAN?
How did you discover BAN?
What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to join BAN?
What made you decide to be a BAN coordinator?
What's the greatest lesson you've learned from the affair?

For more evidence of the value of BAN, see Testimonials about BAN.
And read my report of the 2005 BAN Workshop at the SmartMarriages Conference.

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