Meet Peggy and James Vaughan

Photo of the Vaughans

To fully understand the history behind this Website, we'd like to share some of our own background - including our marriage, our personal experience in dealing with affairs, and our experience in reaching out to help others.

We hope this will help you make better use of the information we offer on this site.

This photo was taken on our 50th Wedding Anniversary on May 29, 2005.

Our Bio: This gives an overview of our life and work.

Marriage Part I: 1955-1980 (not focusing on the affairs)

Marriage Part II: 1980-2005 (not focusing on the affairs)

My Personal Story: My experience in dealing with James's affairs.

Going Public: This describes the reactions we have received to our public discussion of this issue, especially discussing our personal experience.

TV Appearances: This lists some of our media appearances during the past 27 years.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles: Links to many articles in which I am quoted.

Testimonials: This illustrates some of the many positive responses we've received from people who value the work we do in helping others deal with the issue of affairs.

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