Extramarital Affairs
Articles by Peggy Vaughan
(Many of these articles are based on concepts described more fully in The Monogamy Myth.)

Basic Information about Affairs
Who has Affairs - and Why
Honesty! What it is and What it can Do
The Pain from Secrecy about Sexual Issues
Peggy's Overview of Affairs
Is Monogamy a Myth?

Important Perspective
Common Patterns in Dealing with Affairs
The Prevalence of Extramarital Affairs ("You're Not Alone")
Breaking the Code of Secrecy
Overview of Report from Survey on Extramarital Affairs
On Meeting Your Partner's Needs
Acknowledging attractions to others?
Preventing Affairs
Statistics about Extramarital Affairs
The Power of Perception
"Infidelity" (and other Loaded Words) Make it Worse
Life Crises: Extramarital Affairs—and Cancer
Hope for the Future

Suspicion and Confrontation
Suspicions of an Affair
"Clues" that your Partner is Having an Affair
Confronting an Affair
When/whether to use a private investigator?

Personally Recovering
Affairs: a Life-altering Experience!
A Brief Guide to Recovering from an Affair
Keys to Personal Recovery
The long road to recovery
Experiencing Painful Emotions—Over and Over Again
"Triggers" - Images, Memories, Flashbacks
Extramarital Affairs: Hope for Recovery
Desperate feelings
Moving from Pain to Recovery
The slow, jerky road to recovery
Resources for Recovering available through this Site
The "Other Woman" or the "Other Man"
Comparisons with the Third Party
Getting Control of Anger and other Emotions
Using T.A. in Dealing with Extramarital Affairs
What can I expect from a therapist?
Bill Doherty's questions to ask a therapist
Reading can Help Recovery
(Also Collection of 151 Questions on Personally Recovering)

Rebuilding the Marriage
Advice about "Telling"
The "Need to Know" - getting answers to your questions
Talking about Extramarital Affairs
Why Stay With a Spouse who has had an Affair?
How Can You Ever Rebuild Trust After an Affair?
Learning and Practicing Responsible Honesty
Recovering those "loving feelings" after an affair
Rebuilding the Marriage after a Workplace Affair
A stronger marriage after an affair?!
Wedding Rings
Seminars and Courses on Marriage
Deciding whether to Stay Married or Get a Divorce
(Also Collection of 151 Questions on Rebuilding the Marriage)

Rebuilding the Marriage (if YOU had the affair)
Book: "How to help your spouse heal from your affair"
Weathering the tough times in rebuilding the marriage
Life will never be the same
Figuring out and expressing what you think and feel
Steps you can take to rebuild your partner's trust in you
How can you ever rebuild trust? (also in previous category)
The "Need to Know" (also in previous category)

Help for those involved in an extramarital affair
To Tell or not To Tell (that you had an affair)
Should I tell about my affair?
Is there help for the third party?
Is there help for the person who had an affair?
(Also Collection for those Involved in/Impacted by Affair)

Special Circumstances
Emotional Affairs
Online Affairs
Office Affairs
Affairs in the Military
Help and support for men!?
Women Having Affairs
Sexual Addiction?
STDs Resulting from Affairs

When an Affair leads to Divorce
Help for those who Divorce

Issues related to Children
When there is a child from an affair
An Extraordinary Story
Telling the children?
Isn't secrecy necessary to protect your teenaged children?
Impact of a Parent's Affair on Teenagers/Adult Kids

Affairs in Society as a Whole
Our Fascination with Extramarital Affairs
Extramarital Affairs and the Media
Affairs in the Media
Movie: "The Horse Whisperer"
Affairs in the News
"The Truth, The Whole Truth..."

Affairs in the News
Exposure of Affairs of Politicians and Celebrities
Maria Shriver's Pain
Sandra Bullock (Updated Commentary)
Dealing with Affairs in the News
The Process of Deciding: Stay Married or Get a Divorce
Should you stay married or get a divorce?
Elizabeth Edwards 'goes public'
Silda Spitzer's Public Pain
Why did Hillary Stay in her Marriage?
CNN article: Wives go public about their husbands' affairs
(Other Articles in which Peggy is Quoted)

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