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Quite frankly, I credit this site for saving my marriage and my life. It had every answer I longed for. THANKS!

I don't respond much to sites, but yours has a real at-home feeling of familiarity. The entire approach is simply a reflection of your obvious ability to connect. Honest and to the point. Well done. Keep it up because I can tell you keep it real.

I am finding your website to be just wonderful. It has been a great help and very comforting to me.

I cannot stress enough how insightful and correct you are. It has been almost 3 years since my husband had an affair, I chose to stay, still so much pain and hard work for me. Went through everything you talk about, feel like you are inside my mind. Thank you, wish I found your writings 3 years ago.

Love your site!! You will NEVER fully realize all of the help/support that you provide for SO MANY... with broken hearts & feelings of total defeat!! I thank God that he allowed our paths to cross. Keep up the awesome job. And may God bless you & yours.

This website has been a huge part of my recovery. You have been my lifesaver and your honesty and caring way is such a comfort.

I found out a year ago that my husband was having an affair. Your site has given me encouragement to move toward healing and validation of my thoughts and emotions. You make me feel "normal" when the weight of the situation drags me lower than I've ever been. Thanks.

I have found your web site to be a (the only) crack of hope in my recovery process. Thank you.

So informative and so easy to find the information. I think that I have read everything and I keep finding more. It has been a lifesaver for me, and the excellent design has helped make the information more easy to access (very important at a time when the brain is not working well, concentration is shot and the simplest tasks become so difficult).

Your Website has provided me invaluable information - absolutely the best.! I had given up all hope understanding my husband's serial affairs until I found your site.

I can't thank you enough for all of the information on your site. You truly saved me, kept me sane during the first days after I found out about my husband's affair. You are right: reading and getting information -- taking the rational approach -- helped me when I was overwhelmed by emotion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After 20 years of marriage, I discovered that my husband had been having multiple, long and short term affairs for much of our marriage. It is only when I discovered your website this week that things started to improve for both of us. So many things now make sense. I had an overwhelming feeling of isolation and desperation before this week as I had no sense of what was normal and what wasn't. We still have a long way to go, and it is still so incredibly painful. But reading your articles and relating to them in a total way like I hadn't read anything as useful before, has been the turning point in our struggle to cope with the devastation. A really big thank you.

I could never thank you enough for your tremendous generosity in supporting me via your free website. Seven days ago I caught my husband having an extramarital affair. I am forever grateful to you for giving me an avenue for which I can be educated and feel understood.

Yours was the first web-site I looked at and the information helped tremendously. I felt lost and alone and did not even know how to help myself. Taking your advice and applying it to my recovery and healing has helped my husband and me to focus on the right things. I am and was always amazed when I would react in certain ways and THEN read about it and realize I was normal.

I would like you to know how much reading your website has helped me in my time of need. It really made me think about what was going on in my life, and helped me to make what I think was the best decision for me in my marriage...which wouldn't have been the decision I would have made had I acted quickly on my own. You do a great service to people like me that find themselves in this position.

Your site has answered more questions than I knew I had. I will visit this site every day to calmly educate myself. Thank you for the truthfulness that I have read in the last couple of hours. I have gained strength that I desperately needed.

It has now been a year and a half since I learned of my husband's affair. I have recovered thanks to your books and this website that I have visited at least once a week. I couldn't have done it without your advice on recovery.

I am so blessed that I discovered your website when I did. You personally saved me and for that I am eternally grateful. Not one day went by that I wasn't on your website for inspiration and guidance during the most devastating time of my life.

I read your book and articles regularly. The reading helps clear my mind and see things more rationally. I believe we would not be recovering as well as it is, if I have not found you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Fabulous site! I have fought your suggestions every step of the way, from avoiding the third party (my best friend), to honesty (from my husband, and telling friends and neighbors). In the end I followed your steps and you are 100% correct. Thanks for saving my sanity and marriage.

Thanks so much for your wonderful website. I keep coming back for answers. Some things help at first, some at later times as I go through this, but everything on your site is a treasure.

What I have read so far makes more sense than anything else that I've ever read!!! I am very impressed!

After learning about my husband's affair, your website has by far been the best source in my healing process. The articles, questions, and comments are all so familiar; I could have written many of them myself. I want to thank you so much for your website. It is helping me greatly!!!

Thank you so much for this site. I was looking for a site on infidelity that was also supportive of marriage and working through issues. My husband and I have an undeniable love for each other, but he has made some very poor choices. It is so refreshing and reassuring to find a site like this!

Your Website (and "The Monogamy Myth") have saved my marriage and sanity. We continue the daily recovery process, and I can never thank you enough.

Your insight into all aspects of affairs really hits home. Your subject matter is so helpful because it addresses exactly what we went through. You may have saved our marriage!

Your 'Questions and Responses' are wonderful. You enrich my soul. 'Thank you' seems so inadequate. Keep up to wonderful work. Wish info about affairs was out there and more available so people might think twice before having an affair. Thanks again.

I am most grateful to you. After finding you in the middle of the night on the web, you moved me from desperation to calmness... You've moved me beyond either hope or fear about this affair, and that is a great gift... especially when just a few weeks ago I couldn't sleep or eat. Thank you.

Just want to say thank you for this website and your books/writings. It was difficult for my husband to answer questions and he kept saying when would I stop figuring out more things to talk about, but he did answer them and he did desire to stand by me when I was hurting, and now a year later we're doing pretty well. Thanks.

Your site was a Godsend to me during my very difficult time. It gives practical useful information which helped me realize my situation is not unique and I am not alone. Thank you so much and God bless you and your work.

This site has been so very helpful to me. I read it every week. I hope you continue!!!

I was the unfaithful one, and your website has helped us try to rebuild our relationship. Thanks.

Thanks so much for all the info. It has helped so much.

It has now been a year and a half since I learned of my husband's affair. I have recovered thanks to your books and this website that I have visited at least once a week. I couldn't have done it without your advice on recovery. Thanks Peggy!!!!

Thank you for such a wonderful site that helps me to understand both myself and my wife's affair. Your site is a light in a dark world for so many couples.

Everything about this site is 100% accurate. Thanks very much for the support.

Thank you so much for all that I have read. It has helped me understand this situation and myself and how to find a way forward. For two months now I have been battling with an overwhelming temptation/compunction to deceive my husband. Your words will help me enormously to say no.

Wow! I so much appreciate your website. I am dealing with a lot of anger and a broken heart, self pity, depression. It is very helpful.

The integrity of this web site is the best of any that I have found on the Web. Thank you for your fine work.

I enjoy your website and appreciate your wonderful wisdom.

I can't tell you how much your website and other materials have helped me.

Your information has been a Godsend to us. My husband and I are going through counseling, but reading your material has been so helpful. It helps to hear from someone who has been through this.

Thanks to this website, I have survived the worst after finding out about my husband's multiple affairs during our marriage.

Thank you for this site and your wonderful direct answers. 6 months of therapy has not given me the insight that your Site has!

Other sites with Forums lend support, but too often it's easier to be comforted in commiseration than to be guided by wisdom. (Let others do the forums. I come here for the wisdom!)

Your information has made it so much easier to understand and rebuild after my husband's affair. I could not have survived the first very difficult year without your wonderful insight. Thank you so very much.

Your site is fabulous and I access various web sites on a fairly regular basis.

Your site has helped us both to be able to see recovery as a possibility.

This site has, quite literally, saved my life more than once. When my husband left, I felt life was not worth living and I was going to kill myself but the materials and people here stopped me.

Your site is a great inspiration. Just what I needed when I thought I was going insane after finding out about my husband's affair. Keep up the great work Peggy. God bless

Extremely useful and most informative site I have ever seen.

I want you to know that the resources produced by you and your husband (books, webpage, essays, questions and answers) have been tremendously helpful.

Your web site and words have been a great help and I really do appreciate them.

Your web site and books have saved our marriage; it all makes so much sense.

Thank you for being such a wonderful site, you have no idea how much help you have given me.

Thank you for all her excellent help and advice! You are a real blessing.

Your web site has helped save my marriage!

Thank you for writing your book. I really needed something to grasp onto at the time, and it really helped.

Thank you so much for your web site and books. It has helped me greatly to find a source of "real" information. It has helped me in my own recovery and has provided a great source of information.

This website has been the best to offering the knowledge I needed in a time of crisis in my life.

I want to thank you for such a wonderful thing you've created with this site. This site has been a lifesaver.

Your website is a lifesaver in a desperate time. It validates my feelings, guides and helps me go on.

You have been a Godsend for me. After nearly five years of grieving and thinking I will never feel better, I actually am on the road to recovery. Much of it is because of this site.

I found your site very helpful. I like your clarity and the fact you are coming from a base of experience.

I just wanted to take a moment to say "THANK YOU." Your site has been wonderful and so helpful.

Your website deals with my pain better than my expensive therapist.

Your site has given sanity. This site has been most helpful with the trauma of my H's affair. I've been here countless times through many sleepless nights. Thank you again.

Thank you so much for all your insight and information. You are a true source of comfort to me during this most difficult time.

One of the most helpful things I have found on the site is the Question and Response section. It seems that almost every emotion I have experienced has been addressed there. I guess my feelings are a lot more common than I thought.

Your web site and books has saved our marriage and it all makes so much sense. We tried counseling and that was a big joke and a waste of money.

Great site, very helpful.

The info in your site is excellent, and very accurate. All married people should take heed.

An excellent source of good (quality) information - Many thanks to you.

I absolutely love your site. Great information. Very informative. Thanks!

Thank you for your website. You hit on all the subject matter that has been swirling around in my head since I found out a few weeks ago. AND, the advice you have is exactly the kind of information I needed to hear.

Finding this website is a God send for me. I am going thru so much pain and reading the articles from Dear Peggy has helped me focus. I see hope.

Your site is very informative; it helped me to realize I'm not crazy and that I'm not alone, It has really made a difference in my life thank you.

This site will be a blessing to so many! I am sure it has already. There is such a need for this! I will utilize this site and pass it on to others. Thank You!

Your work has been a life saver for me at this difficult time!

Thank you for the web site. I feel that it has saved my life and family. It was my strength through all of my problems with my husband's affair.

You are an incredible resource!

I want you to know what a blessing you have been in my life. When I found your site a few months ago I thought my life had ended. Your kindness has been the difference.

Your website has been better than thousands of dollars in counseling.

I was in desperate search for answers. I feel that God found this site for me; he knew I needed to see and hear from someone who continues to stay married even though I've wanted to throw in the towel...

What can I say! Astonishing! Admirable! And Super! I have learned lots of good points other "experts" never touched.

You have a very nice treatment of an important subject—free from hyperbole and filled with understanding and compassion.

Best help I have found. Keep up the good work.

I applaud your work and feel fortunate to live in a time among people willing to tackle our important social problems, that in the long run affect the fabric of our society.

I've looked at a lot of sites about affairs and find yours to be the most straightforward and informative. Thank you. Incidentally my husband and myself found this site independently and informed one another of it!

It's such a relief to hear some "realistic" advice. It's just the kind of information I needed so desperately.

I am very grateful to have found your site. I already feel much better.

There is such affinity between what you have expressed and what I have felt and still do feel.

Your information has given me hope for the first time. Thanks!

I have found this web site most interesting and informative. I can tell much time and effort went into its creation.

Your insight into healing after a betrayal gave me hope that our marriage can be saved after finding my husband had been unfaithful this last year. He wants the marriage to work; you gave me hope.

The info in this site has helped me to better understand the many emotions and cycles of feelings that I am experiencing. It's very helpful as I struggle to rebuild my life.

You have really helped me start to put things in perspective. It's so helpful to find out that I am not really alone during this devastating period of my life.

I am in awe of your courage and honesty. This is the most difficult subject in the world. God bless you.

I'm so glad to see so much good information, well outlined and well presented for those who find themselves so lost in pain!

This is an excellent site. It helped me a lot.

You have helped me calm down a great deal; I'm pretty sure my dad is having an affair and felt I had nowhere to turn for help.

Thank you for helping me to deal with the pain and the anger.

It's extremely helpful to hear your point of view of having "been there." I hope that you can continue to be helpful to others.

Great information and perspectives!

I've found your approach to be such a relief. Thank you for your level-headed approach.

Your information has been a constant source of comfort and knowledge. More helpful than support group meetings, or counseling sessions.

Thank you for dealing with this subject in a way that represents the way society really is, rather than just condemn everyone who is involved in an affair.

I draw comfort from your work; I know I am not alone.

I wish I and everyone could read your comments when we first get married, it would sure save a lot of grief.

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