How "The Monogamy Myth" is Different from Most Books

It challenges the basic assumption that we live in a monogamous society that reinforces monogamy. It identifies the societal factors that actually contribute to affairs and points out how difficult it is to avoid having an affair in this environment.
It questions the general assumption that affairs happen only because of personal failures of the people involved.
It discusses the way most counselors reinforce the idea of personal failure and personal blame by focusing only on the personal shortcomings or inadequacies of the couples they counsel or only on the problems within each particular marriage.
It exposes the judgmental, inflammatory language we use to discuss this issue.
It deals with affairs as a problem for both men and women (instead of the standard line of focusing only on women whose husbands have affairs).
It includes a rational understanding of the issue as well as the author's first-hand understanding of the emotions involved.
It does not focus exclusively on saving the marriage. It also recognizes the importance of saving the sanity of the people involved, regardless of whether the marriage survives.

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