Testimonials of Appreciation

I just want to say thank you for all you do. It took real pioneering courage back on day one when no one spoke of these things. Your writings were comforting to me. I realized that I was not alone.

Ever since I found you, I have felt that I could trust you, I suppose because you have 'been there,' but also because there is something intangible that comes through your words. I don't know you, yet I feel I do.

Without you my marriage would not have survived, because I didn't think it was possible. We were always told that cheating was the end of all marriages; you showed us it was possible that it could be the beginning of a new and better marriage. Thank you.

I want to say quite simply that you have single-handedly pulled me back from the brink of despair. I am so glad I found you.

"Helpful" is not the word--you probably saved my marriage and my life. Thank you for sharing your story; it made me realize that all things were possible if you tried hard enough.

What a pleasant surprise, to find someone so open and honest.

I am grateful for you and your husband's public openness. It shall be a long journey but I would have already been out the door if it wasn't for your website and later your book that I found. Your story has given me some hope.

Thank you so much for your wisdom! I am sure that you have been told this many times, but your work is like a gift from God. I went to three therapists, but found more information and help from your site. You are truly a gifted person. Again, thank you!

Just wanted to let you know it has been 4 years since I decided to stay with my husband after he cheated. He has lived up to his promises to me and like I had heard from you and other people our marriage is better and stronger now than it had ever been. Thank You for being there for us when we go through the worst time of our life, then letting us know that it is not the end of the world or our marriage's.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work, which has helped us navigate the difficult terrain following the discover of my husband's affair. I'm finding that if I need the answer, you've covered it somewhere, and so I refer others to your site on almost a daily basis. My blog is "After His Affair" at Wordpress. We've relied on you enough that it comes down to "What does Peggy say?" when we hit a rough spot.

I really wanted to let you know, Peggy. Seriously, you changed my life. Im sorry for your past pain, and Im glad that you have a happy life now and a strong marriage. Thank you for using your wisdom to help others work through their pain. I hope I am making myself clear NOTHING helped me like your articles. I have found that I let my mind wander over events that I thought were seared into my memory, and the obsessive, anxious, fearful feelings are just not there any more.

Your willingness to write and talk about this issue has been an unbelievable help. It will most likely be one of the more important factors in saving my marriage of 29 years. Your advice and insights made the most sense to me and with the help of a good therapist, we will be able to heal.

I can not even begin to tell you how often you are quoted by us "old Ban members"! We owe you so much. Your wisdom, your love, your caring effort, your support, your efforts. I can not begin to put into words the gratitude we feel. I know you have devoted your life to sharing the painful knowledge you have learned. I hope you know the lives you have saved. With loving gratitude.

It is rare that you find that extremely prominent, compassionate and understanding soul that exudes the most sincere form of natural honesty and I will forever be grateful to you - personally and professionally. I know you aren't a glory seeker - far from it, and that is part of your beauty. In a very quiet, well defined and extremely smart way, you have earned all of the appreciation and respect you constantly get.

Of all the advice I received from friends, of all the articles I read, of all the prayers I prayed, I have found the most comfort in your writing. For this I deeply, truly, thank you.

Thank you for your generosity and wisdom. I feel your approach is very much above the others.

Bless you dear woman for your sharing and insight. I hope anyone that is touched by affairs finds you.

Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us. We appreciate and respect your candor.

Thank you for KNOWING, and BEING THERE and for sharing and articulating your process. It has given me such strength in only the first seven days of THIS part of my life!

Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. You have my deepest appreciation for who you are and what you are doing. You also have my support and love.

I just read your story and wondered if anyone had ever said to you "Peggy, I am truly sorry for your experience and all of the emotions you have had to describe." I think without your site I would have lost my mind and have now learned that the intervals in which I visit your words increases as the need finally decreases.

The Vaughans are heroes to me. YOU were the first website I found and the one that I learned MOST from.

I admire your courage in letting so many people read and benefit from your experience. I am so sorry that you had to go through your experience to write your book, but I hope you realize how much it has helped me.

Thank you for the dedication you made to the topic of survival and growth after an affair. You have made a truly profound impact on my life.

Your efforts have touched a lot of people personally and I know your hard work has helped many.

Peggy, I appreciate you so much. Your compassion has blessed me. Thank you.

Thank you for being courageous enough to tell your story. I feel that eventually attitudes about affairs may change because of it.

My deepest gratitude, rest assured that all your hard work trying to help people heal is worthwhile. I wish you the best of luck.

I feel as if you are my lifeline to sanity.

I appreciate you so much. I love your picture, it feels so warm! With such a difficult topic, so much darkness, pain - your face and courage and overcomming shines so brightly. Thanks, and prayers for your beautiful work.

I'm overwhelmed with your kindness and understanding.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and for writing these materials!

Thanks probably are the one source of real help I've gotten.

You are so on the money about affairs, it's scary. You need to be a lot more public. I have been on for some time and you hit every subject on the head.

Thank you, thank you for helping me. I'm eternally grateful.

I want to thank you for all your sincere efforts to help others who are going through one of life's most difficult experiences.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to helping those of us who are hurting.

I perceive you as having genuine concern for my situation and what I am experiencing.

Thanks for your timely, wise, sanity-saving service.

Thank you so very much. I was mostly alone when it happened. You brought me out of the pits.

Your writing reminds me of a favorite saying of mine from Emerson, which in effect says: Genius is the ability to express in words (print) what others instantly recognize as their own unexpressed thoughts and ideas.

You are a blessed person and have saved many a marriage and many a broken heart with your dedication and compassion. You have such a way with words. I have been reading your Monday letter for three years now. You have helped me to understand and to get through the most awful period of my life. You have kept my life on track when I thought I was at the end of the road. You have taught me patience. You have made me learn to hang in there. When faced with the brutal existence of my spouse's affair, you were all I had at times. I told no one for the longest time. But, I had "dear Peggy" to turn to. You answered questions that were way down deep inside of me that hadn't even surfaced. I thank you so much, Peggy.

As far as I am concerned you are the greatest expert on the subject of adultery and its consequences. I have read your books and have watched you whenever you have been on television.

You have no idea how much you have helped me. When this crisis seems to overwhelm me, I think of you and I gain courage to keep trying. I am very grateful to you for your courage and honesty in writing your books.

Your personal bravery is inspiring.

It's a comfort to know that there are individuals who understand and seem to care as much as you do. Reading your book was almost like someone putting my own thoughts and feelings down on paper.

I think you're a very brave lady to have written so openly about your own experiences.

Thanks for your books and your very special concern for us.

Your efforts are systematically shedding more and more light on the topic of affairs. I am extremely appreciative of your efforts because I believe it is what is needed to get it out of the closet and into a place where it can be examined. It will make all the difference.

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