Reflecting on what's important in life
by Peggy Vaughan

We've had some awareness that "life is tenuous," but that awareness has become much greater for all of us since the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. In many ways, our renewed awareness of the tenuous nature of life is a dramatic reminder of the importance of focusing on what's important and in consciously choosing how to live.

I especially recommend reading If I Could Live it OverLife is Tenuous (which I have updated to refer to the recent tragedy).

While my website focuses extensively on the issue of affairs, it also includes other sections - specifically one on Marriage and Family and another on Life-planning. So I'd like to encourage everyone to explore those parts of the site as you think about your own families and the way you're living your own lives.

See: Articles about Marriage and Family and Articles about Rethinking your Life.

The above readings can help in reflecting on life, appreciating that life is tenuous, and living in a more conscious way.

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